How to Make DIY Magnetic Power Generator

How to Make DIY Magnetic Power Generator
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As the environmental issue will grow more and more relevant in the near future, efforts to curb carbon emissions and the ability to switch from traditional sources of energy to renewable energy technologies will become prominent. Two such renewable energies are of course solar and wind powers. Both are eco-friendly and easy to implement, if a bit expensive as a start up investment. Solar power is not just suitable to sunny places but also to more overcast areas, making it a viable alternative to the polluting power grids, while wind power is more specifically ideal for windy locations. Both technologies have fluctuations in performance due to changeable conditions in weather, temperature and daily sunlight.

There is however a third technology available, also called zero point energy because of its zero power consumption and zero carbon emission in a year. It is magnetic power technology, which uses unlike pole magnets set on an axle repelling each other, thus causing the axle to spin in perpetual motion, generating free sources of energy. It is a relatively simple technology to implement and well known for a long time but, as often is the case when big profits and mass usage are at stake; there is a coveted interest by the big corporations to keep the status quo and these technologies low profile. Additional obstacles are high start up investments or not knowing how to build a magnetic generator.

Unlike solar and wind powers, a magnetic power generator has no variation in performance by its own very nature, providing a constant flow of energy, the ideal solution for household electricity needs, since it is not affected by weather. They can provide a saving of 30% to 100% on electrical bills depending on set up and generator size and, as an additional benefit, are also very safe, making them suitable for families with children. The device produces more energy then it consumes, which in turn will produces free energy and goes on in theory forever, in reality when the bearings need replacement, freeing from no monthly electrical bills.

With the climate change becoming a pressing problem, if not a threat, the future of world economies and the world itself will depend more and more on renewable sources of energy. Many experts agree that by 2020 the magnetic power will have a significant role in saving energy, to the dismay of the big energy companies relying on traditional sources. Before that, it is certainly possible to do something about it, like switching to these ecological sources of power, particularly magnetic power for its consistency in delivering electricity all year round in hot and cold weather and for its low start up costs.